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_MG_0969 person being cared for with carer support workerWhat is Carers Trust Thames?

Carers Trust Thames is a charity, first beginning in 1980, working from three area offices: North Bucks & Milton Keynes, Central & South Bucks and Hillingdon/West London.

What makes Carers Trust Thames a charity?

Carers Trust Thames operates only for its charitable objective – to relieve the stresses experienced by carers, and children and adults who have care needs as a result of disability, illness or age.  It is governed by a Board of Trustees who work on a voluntary basis.

Any ‘surplus’ income is invested back into services, such as providing free care to people in need.

How is Carers Trust Thames funded?

Carers Trust Thames receives income from Local Authority grants and social services funding, health commissioners, from individuals with Direct Payments/Personal Budgets and people who fund their own care privately. We are also fortunate to receive grant funding from various organisations from time to time, receive generous donations from individuals and are the joint beneficiaries of a community shop in Kingston, Milton Keynes.

How do I know that Carers Trust Thames will deliver a quality service?

All our area offices are registered with the Care Quality Commission. You can view the latest reports on or request a copy from the office.

Carers Trust Thames is a network partner of the largest carers charity in the UK – Carers Trust. They audit Carers Trust Thames regularly to make sure that we are delivering a high quality service.

Are there any tasks that your Care Support Workers can not do?

Carers Trust Thames is not a nursing or medical service, and there are services that we are unable to provide.  We can discuss your particular requirements with you, and consider whether we can meet your needs. This may include offering our staff specialist training on a particular health condition for example.

Can I pay your Care Support Workers directly or give them gifts?

All payments must be processed through Carers Trust Thames to avoid allegations of financial abuse and to protect you from the legal obligations of becoming an employer of staff yourself.  Care Support Workers may accept small token gifts, such as a box of chocolates at Christmas, but must declare them to their manager. This is to protect both parties from allegations of improper conduct.

act as soon as you have any concerns. We will try to work with you to make adjustments to your service so that any issues are resolved and it meets your needs.

We conduct an annual client survey to gather general feedback and try to make improvements as a result of this.

You can also get in contact with us here.

Are there any other sources of support?

We are part of The Carers Trust Network. Please click here for more information about online and face to face support.

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